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Nuttyness at Chelsea Market Baskets

This weekend the Winter Fancy Food Show 2014 begins. Yipe! Yea it's time for #WFFS14!!

As we get more and more excited (we'll be the ones holding the paper bags to our faces early Sunday morning), we're thinking back to our first Winter Fancy Food show in 2013, where we officially launched our product.  It was at that show that we first met David from Chelsea Market Baskets, located in NYC's Chelsea Market.  We shared our chocolate covered marzipan with him and his team and before we knew it we had our first East Coast store.

Our friends in NYC were thrilled when they found out! Everyone and I mean everyone - the foodies, the eat-anything-as-long-as-I-get-to-my-next-meeting, the family friend's kid who was studying at Columbia - was excited for us.

For those of you not familiar with Chelsea Market, it's a fairyland of fabulous shops and food places.  It's seriously […]

Nuttyness Featured in 7×7

Nuttyness was featured in 7x7's recent article "Seven Local Candy Bars for Halloween." As big fans of 'the Insiders Guide to the Best of San Francisco,' we were thrilled!

We love every word in the write-up, but we especially love that author Alissa Merksamer, did such a great job summarizing our story:

" Growing up in Norway, Kristian Salvesen ate bars of chocolate-covered marzipan, and when he moved to California, he wondered why locals didn’t do the same. The Golden State does produce 80% of the world’s almonds. Assuming it had to do with the generally low-quality, sugary stuff sold here, Salvesen created his own recipe according to European standards. He uses what's considered the highest quality ratio of ⅔ almonds to ⅓ sugar and cloaks each soft, thick bar in Belgium chocolate. (Salvesen suspects that most American marzipan contains ⅓ almonds to ⅔ sugar.) While his favorite is the […]

Nuttyness Wins Top Chocolate Bar Awards (Silver), Chocolate Salon Awards Competition 2013

We were at SFO en route to Oslo via Amsterdam when we heard the news:  Nuttyness was awarded Top Chocolate Bar Silver in the Chocolate Salon Awards Competition 2013!

We were very excited and proud to be awarded the silver prize along with other amazing companies, including fellow California-based confectioner Chuao Chocolatier, which was voted 'best chocolate in the U.S.' by Food & Wine.

Unfortunately we were heading off to catch our flight, so we don't have a photo of what we looked like when we found out we had won. However, we're pretty sure it looked something like this:

Actually that's probably more sedate than what we did. There may have been some jumping around that looked a bit more like this (our Chief Nuttyness officer recreating the scene during a hike in Norway):

Even better, Nuttyness also won bronze for 'Best Packaging'! So kudos to our design company […]

Nuttyness at the Live Oak Park Fair 2013 in Berkeley

The Bay Area’s 43rd annual Live Oak Park Fair took place on Saturday June 8th and Sunday 9th of 2013 - and we were there!
It was an event we had never attended before - in fact we'd never even been to the park -  so we weren't quite sure what to expect.

What awaited us was a lovely little park, which that cold Sunday morning was quickly turning into a wonderland of handcrafted jewelry, pottery, handmade quilts, painting, clothing, sculptures and natural beauty products. We made our way through the park and located our table.  It was under a massive oak tree and before you knew it Kristian had worked his magic and turned it into the signature Nuttyness event table.

Would people climb out of bed on a foggy Saturday morning and head over to the park?   We hoped so. And in any case, we were ready.  Warm […]

Nuttyness at Cheese Plus Summer Artisan Food Festival and 8th Anniversary

June 8, 2013 was the Cheese Plus Summer Artisan Food Festival at Cheese Plus in San Francisco, and we were there to celebrate!

It also happened to be Cheese Plus' 8th anniversary, so the atmosphere was extra festive with lots of samples from fellow artisinal food companies whose products are available at Cheese Plus and lovely weather to go with it.

We set up out table inside, where it was nice and cool to protect our chocolate from melting. Our post was right in front of the cheese counter, where between dispensing samples we got to dream about which cheeses we would take home with us after the event.

It was a busy day, with lots of people popping up to the deli to order some of the delicious Cheese Plus sandwiches. It was the perfect opportunity for customers who were waiting for their sandwiches  to stop by our table […]

Little Shop Artisan Box: Look for Nuttyness in this Month’s Gourmet Foodie Box

The San Francisco Bay Area has some of the world's most fun, unique and tasty delicacies produced with local ingredients by passionate artisans.  Right?  Now imagine if every month, you could sample the latest and most exciting local treats from Bay Area artisans.  Thanks to our friends at Little Shop Artisan Box, you can.

Get the best of the Bay Area artisanal food scene delivered right to your door in the form of  their Gourmet Foodie Box. Each box contains a carefully selected mix of artisanal gourmet treasures, so it's easy to support local artisans like us. :)  Because, as you may have guessed from the title, this month Nuttyness is part of the Gourmet Foodie Box!  We're very excited to join the ranks of some of our favorite local confections which have been featured in the Gourmet Foodie Box.
So how does it work?
You can opt to buy or gift just […]

Nuttyness at the Norway Day Festival 2013

May 4 and 5th of this year marked the 20th anniversary of the Norway Day Festival!  The annual, two-day event draws 5,000 people who come to celebrate the culture and global contributions of The Land of the Midnight Sun.

Attendees enjoy Norwegian crafts, fashion, music, dance... demonstrations and even Viking-style combat games.

And of course there's all the tasty Norwegian food: waffles, lefse-wrapped hot dogs (polse med lompe), shrimp sandwiches (rekesmorbrod), and pastries. There was even a cute little dining area.

This year there was something new - and dare we say exciting - at Norway Day:  Nuttyness!

We were thrilled to be there, sharing our created-by-a-Norwegian, inspired-by-Norway product.

It was exciting to get there early to set up and get that behind-the-scenes feeling...

...and even more exciting to meet marzipan-loving attendees and share samples of our treats.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from Norway Day attendees […]

Nuttyness in Candy Industry Magazine

"Hi there.  I read about you in Candy Industry Magazine and was interested in talking about your product...."

Wait. What?  We were in Candy Industry Magazine?


We got another inquiry, with another mention of Candy Industry.

We had to take a look.

Aha! So that's what the magazine looked like.  Were we really in it?

We flipped through the pages, and lo and behold there was Kristian!

The article had a great description of our product and a lovely summary of the story behind the inspiration for founding Nuttyness.

Suddenly we remembered. We had talked to a journalists at the Fancy Food Show back in February.

We made the story!  You never know with interviews. Sometimes the story materializes with your interview in it, other times not.


And what's that in our inbox right now?  Another inquiry from a buyer who saw us in Candy Industry?

Thanks Candy

Our First Fancy Food Show – the Personal Story

We shared our tips and tricks on attending your first Fancy Food Show, but what was it like for us on a more personal level?
Here is our story, all the drama and the glory - uncensored.
Kristian, having the mind of an engineer, had everything planned out down to the smallest detail.  He had the conference hall floor plan, the exact dimensions of our table (with everything we would place on it drawn to scale), the banner, the postcards, the tshirts - basically everything one could possible think of in advance.

And then he had things one would never think of:  a marble slab to place the sliced marzipan samples on (looks classy and keeps the chocolate cool),  a glass "screen" to put the samples behind (Ikea glass shelves turned sideways << told you he was an engineer), industrial strength velcro to drape the cloth on the table....


Winter Fancy Food Show 2013 – Experience, Tips & Tricks

Nuttyness Fancy Food Show Table

Last week we wrapped up three awesome days at the Winter Fancy Food Show at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

As a newly launched company we exhibited in the New Brands on the Shelf Pavilion.

Here is our experience from being at the Fancy Food Show for the first time and some tips and tricks for companies planning to exhibit in the New Brands on the Shelf at upcoming shows.
Start Earlier
In Norway we say "Things Take Time." This is true anywhere. It basically means that there is always something that will take longer than you think.  For example, are you going to have special t-shirts printed for the show? What are you going to write on them? Do you have the files/design ready? Where are you getting the t-shirts? How many are you ordering? What sizes? There are many questions to be answered just to order t-shirts, and […]

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