Our Story

I n Norway, where I grew up, we have a Christmas tradition. On December 24th for lunch, we eat a special rice porridge (risgrøt). In the porridge we put a blanched almond and whomever gets the almond wins a prize. The prize is a big marzipan pig.

Finding the almond and getting to eat that soft, delicious marzipan pig is a wonderful experience. But even better is that even if you don’t win and don’t get the pig there is lots of other marzipan available to enjoy.
On December 24th, 2011, I was sitting in my parent’s living room in Norway in front of the fireplace enjoying a bar of chocolate covered marzipan. I thought to myself, you can’t really find chocolate covered marzipan like this in the US.

I couldn’t get the thought of chocolate covered marzipan out of my mind and when I returned to the US I decided to do some research. I found that indeed it is hard to find high quality chocolate covered marzipan in the US, both in stores and online. I spoke to lots of people and discovered that there are many of us out there that love marzipan but can’t get it. That is how the journey started.

It became clear early on that California was the perfect place to (re)introduce chocolate covered marzipan to the American market. 80% of the world’s almonds come from California. It was also clear that it wasn’t enough to just go down the same old path that Europeans have done for hundreds of years with their marzipan. After all, this is California.

Welcome to Nuttyness. The perfect fusion of European tradition and irresistible California Flavors – Marzipan with a twist.

We Believe

  • Business should be fun, rewarding and impactful.
  • Life is about exploring, experimenting and experiencing by trying stuff.
  • The ultimate goal of business is to create wealth that can make a difference, not in the lives of shareholders, but a difference in society, in the world.
  • By accepting that enough is enough we can stop the widening gap between rich and poor and use the excess resources to improve the world.
  • Less is more.

We Value

  • Trying It - Push Boundaries – Be Adventurous
  • Being Innovative, Creative and Open-Minded
  • Viewing Challenges as Opportunities
  • Giving, Sharing, Appreciation, Encouragement
  • Transparency and Openness
  • Hospitality – Be on their side, For not To, Charitable Assumptions
  • Humility


Kristian Salvesen

Chief Nuttyness Officer

Profile Picture KristianI grew up in a tiny town in Norway with the forest as my playground. As many people in small towns I felt an urge, a drive, a call to explore the world beyond the forest. I have traveled to many parts of the world, lived in Singapore, Spain, and Monterey, where I had the great fortune of meeting that special person. Living in Monterey I discovered the Bay Area and quickly realized that this is it. This is what I have been looking for. I have always been driven by the desire to create, build and develop. My passion for entrepreneurship has been with me my whole life and I am excited to share that passion with you through my love for marzipan.

Anis Salvesen

Chief Marketing Nut

As a big fan of both entrepreneurship and delicious treats, I jumped on board as soon as Kristian said he wanted to start Nuttyness. Officially my role is as Chief Marketing Nut, though I also play the role of taste tester and co-conspirator in all projects – from packaging design decisions to event attendance and strategy. Like Kristian, I also have spent significant amounts of time abroad, speak multiple languages and love a good adventure. Oh and I have the world’s biggest (though very discerning) sweet tooth.  My favorite part of being on the Nuttyness team, besides having the opportunity to make good on my dream of consuming my weight in tasty treats, is to meet fellow “marzifans” and entrepreneurs online and at Bay Area events. I look forward to the fun, nutty times to come!


Cuteness Nut

I should have known when I was adopted and they named me Butterscotch, that these guys were seriously nuts about sweets. Dogs, as you know, aren’t really into chocolate.  So while I am a connoisseur of the tastiest shoes, dog treats, toys and cashmere sweaters to chew, I’m not on the Nuttyness Taste Tester Team.  I do, however, love to show my support by coming along for a ride in the car when Kristian runs errands.  And I love to go with him to ship off boxes of tasty treats (even though I have to wait just outside the post office). I am consulted on all events attended, as I will only agree to be left alone or at doggy daycare for an event that sounds really exciting for my humans. And of course I still offer to taste the Nuttyness bars, but mostly out of politeness, and only because my humans seem to be enjoying them so much.  Eventually I realize the treats aren’t for me and go back to playing with a toy or chewing my bone, all the while maintaining my cute demeanor.  I won’t lie, it can be tough being professionally cute, but I am most often in a good mood and always ready adventure!

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